Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday - Walk

40 minutes
Master's Short Course

Called my sister.
Looking for a Turkey Trot around our hometown.

Thinking of a half marathon in the spring.

Felt good to get out there.

Monday, October 19, 2009

With a whimper, not a bang

I usually begin my new training regiments with a BANG! The race and training all ready to go. Not so much this time - it was more of a whimper.

Sunday I witnessed my sister complete her first half-marathon. She trained really hard, usually taking her three kids in a three seat jog stroller for most of her walks - except the very longest. I am so terribly proud of her. She set her mind to it and did it.

She asked me to do it with her. I said Yes. I didn't. For that, I feel terrible. As she was finishing the final 1oo yards no one could deny the sheer joy on her face.

The only thing I could think was that I was on the wrong side of the barrier. I should have been there and I wasn't only for sheer lazyness.


Today I started training. For what, I'm not sure yet. The kids had a teacher inservice day, so we went to my new walking trail and did about a mile. Then the kids played at the park. It was a beautiful day.