Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1st, or Day One

As many realize, it's NaBloPoMo time - or National Blog Posting Month.

I'm going to up the ante, and not only blog about my walk/jog/running, but do it every day this month.

So here it goes. Today I took the kids to a local nature park and we hiked around a bit - thirty five minutes to be exact. They had a great time examining the leaves and scampering around, and we all enjoyed the 75 sunny degrees. There's a trail or two we didn't check out, and the kids are looking forward to going back.

One down, twenty nine to go.

Time today: 35 minutes
Time this month: 35 minutes

1 comment:

merrymishaps said...

A tough challenge ... good luck!

I'll just be cleaning my house every day :)