Wednesday, April 23, 2008

4/23/08 - 2 miles

Distance: 2 miles
Time: 21 minutes - 10:30 mile.
Weather: low 50's, windy, sunny.
Past the School and Back.

Dare I say it was a good run today? The hard part for me in getting back into it, is getting to a comfortable place. And by comfortable place, I mean it takes me a mile or two to get warmed up and then I'm 'comfortable' - or 'in the zone.' Right now, I feel like I'm fighting every step.

I went so far as to run with my ipod. Generally, once I get to the comfortable place, the music just distracts me, but right now, I need the distraction. Enough races now ban ipods/music devices that I don't want to get so used to using one, only not to have one on race day.

Today I ran to the school, and far enough past (I've measured this with my car more times than I care to count) to make it two miles - one out. One back. Again, could I have run farther - yes. Did I want to? No. I could tell the last two nights I slept much better given the increased activity.

Unfortunately my plan of running this weekend has been nixed, as my husband will be out of town. My new plan involves 3 or 4 on Friday, then take the kids on a bike ride or two over the weekend. Weather depending, of course!


Tree said...

Good job and great pace!!

It will start to feel good again and you will be mentally fighting the entire time very soon.

Heather said...

I am with you on the hard part being getting started. I finally am starting to find the sweet spot but its hard and it doesn't happen every time. Sounds like a good back-up plan!